Phasers and Fros



Morris Chesnut and Regina Hall are a hot matchup in this film. But when their characters can’t have a baby, except through a surrogate, they turn to young Anna, who will give them the dream of parenthood. But the dream turns into a crazy obsessive nightmare as Anna, played by Jaz Sinclair, suddenly gets it in her head that she wants Daddy Chestnut also. Bough Breaks01How can you enjoy life with your wife and unborn child when you have an insane surrogate that wants to be the hand that rocks the cradle?  The film looks like it will deliver that classic thriller plot, with hints of good directing and acting. Every decent story like this keeps you wondering – Who is gonna die?  I will be curious about that myself, and if we will get some beautiful married Black people lovin’ on screen. Because images do count.. even the sexy kind.  Look for WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS in September, a seemingly perfect month for Black Thrillers by looks of the box office the last few years.


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