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Guest Post by Candi (@CandiLand808 on Twitter)

Hello, allow me a quick intro if you will; GeekSoulBrother invited me to do a guest post on 1 of my favorite sites #BlackGeeksMeet a while ago, but I’m a coward 0.o  So I’ve never attempted until now… but I gotta tell ya, what a time to be a nerd it is! 😀  I cannot help but exult in this, our golden comic era.  And my favorite way of doing this is with my nephew. He just turned 10 so I get a look when I refer to him as a baby -_- but he is! He still has baby teefs so it’s true! One of the greatest joys of my life is indulging in my own geeking out and bringing the kid along to learn him the way of the nerd and he is excelling at letting his geek flag fly, and I am thrilled! I will be posting (as long as GeekSoulBrother allows) some of our adventures on here 🙂

Oh, by the way my name is Candi and if ever you see Orlando Jones, please feel free to give him my number!

Episode #1 – Size Does Matter!

Ant Man was Awesome!

So the kid and I saw #Antman tonight and we both LOVED it!

Let me begin by saying I talked so much crap about this movie in the beginning when it was being made, and let me now follow with- my bad! Lol  Look, I Know Pym is of the utmost importance in the Marvel universe, and Antman is a staple character; especially in regards to the Avengers.  But when the news first broke, honestly I thought, meh.

Then they cast Paul Rudd and my first reaction was, Random! I do love Paul Rudd though. C’mon he’s great! You’ll always be a baldwin to me Joshy baby 🙂  And his comedic timing is just delicious. <3  So I thought… thumbs up meh? (can you taste the salt from my hate-o-rade? I have a Costco sized supply)  I dunno, I just didn’t care.  However my tune soon changed, when the munchkin expressed an interest, so I of course told him, yes we’ll go watch it.  As the trailers and snippets of the movie began to come out, I got a little hyped, especially because I was thinking of this movie in terms of my nephew. He’s a little guy, smaller than most of the other boys on his soccer team and in class at school.  It doesn’t help either that my family is made up of giants.  I am a freaking Amazon myself, and as I would watch my nephew’s eyes light up watching the trailer, I thought “Yes! That’s right!  Get hyped kid, that could absolutely be you! It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog!” I was excited that this could be a great hero for a smaller child and I began to embrace and enjoy the concept of a super soldier the size of an ant. The plot of the movie did deliver aspects of that, but I really appreciated the focus on Redemption in this movie. Redemption and family, were strong themes in this film and I am Here for it!

As far as building up the esteem of my nephew I felt checked, because the movie did not really focus on Scott’s height or physical shortcomings. I chided myself that I shouldn’t make it weird for my nephew by focusing on those types of things either.  In the movie Paul Rudd plays Scott Lang who is recruited by a now aged Hank Pym to take up the mantle/suit of the Antman. Paul Rudd was excellent in his portrayal of Lang. He is charming and of course funny. He was an ex-con that was smart. He used wits and ingenuity constantly and cared immensely for his daughter willing to do anything for her. This turned out to be an excellent family film.

I’m giving my thumbs up and called the movie Awesome in my title, because as a whole, it was done really well.  It relayed positive messages, and it was so much FUN! We had a blast watching it. Rudd was great! Evangeline Lily as Hope was fierce and strong just like I like to see women in film 🙂 Also, can I say that Michael Pena is a treasure and needs a lot more play and respect in Hollywood! He is so money and was so much fun in this film! The fight scenes were gorgeous, with spots of humor and give me ALL the CGI and special effects! (Fight me haters, I LOVE it :P) A huge plus from this aunty, there was nothing too bad for the kid to watch, so bless you Marvel for this one! (Disclaimer, there were a few curse words if you’re worried about that for your kids, but no blood or gore or nudes; this was a good family movie and had a strong theme about fatherhood and even daddy/daughter relationships) so I recommend it and rescind my smack talking 😉

In this case size did matter.  It was an asset and made the movie more engaging.  We had some serious debates involving physics; considering how we would react to being the size of an ant and different techniques we could use to fight and survive etc… This was a fun concept to debate with a 10 year old, and I highly recommend it. Then, it turned into this weird debate about the strongest metals in the world and could Wolverine’s claws cut Thor’s hammer, but I was like hello the vibranium in Captain America’s shield is everything… but we digress. So no more mehs a big thumbs up from me in regards to Antman. 🙂

So what did everyone else think?

Candi is an overly involved Aunty and a connoisseur of the Finer things in life… Nintendo, 2 ply toilet paper, carbs and ALL of the literature! She is far too emotionally attached to fictional characters and loves television, film and fan-girling. You can usually find her being a hot damn mess on twitter @candiland808

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