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Netflix Taking It Back To The Bronx – THE GET DOWN


Got the heads up from Shadow and Act.  This is one Netflix series I’m certainly going to tune in for.  THE GET DOWN reflects the times that Geek Soul Brother grew up in.  Yeah, it doesn’t have lasers (at least in the trailer), but I bet they have some Parliament if Netflix did their research right.  George Clinton helped to bring the early signals of Afro-Futurism to another level. The trailer beckons all kinds of images – from old school joints like Saturday Night Fever, Cooly High, and The Warriors to the more recent The Inkwell and Straight Outta Compton.  We don’t know what vaulted information Netflix calls their viewer metrics might say, but we can make a safe guess that they are paying attention to the wave (small wave) of black films and TV shows racing down the road these past few years.  Just from what I saw, I think this might be one of their better series. The ONLY thing I’m concerned about is that Baz Lurhman is executive producing this, and I’m not sure how much growing up in the black / latino neighborhoods of 70s NY he did while living in Australia. But Lurhman has done some creative and interesting films whether you like them or not.  Also, there could have been more ‘color’ in the rest of the production chairs, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed.  Hey, maybe they will hire a Black director to do the remake of 7 Brides for 7 Brothers one day.  Fair is fair, right?  Look for The Get Down dropping this year.



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