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CHIRAQ Trailer! or That Time Spike Lee Used A Greek Play To Combat Street Violence!

The sistas Chiraq

I did not know this film was coming. It was only last year that we got Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus from a successful Spike Lee kickstarter campaign. Now the director brings some greek comedy and tragedy to the streets of Chicago with his new film Chi-Raq.

From what I can see there is a blend of comedy with the seriousness of street violence and a fusion of greek style with the urban setting. Notice the hair styles and Samuel Jackson’s Dolemedes – could that be a greek spin on the Dolomite version of a Choragos (narrator)?

There are few things that tease my imagination more than to have two totally unrelated elements come together and be used to raise the state of consciousness  of a society.  Chi-Raq comes to theaters Dec. 4th.

Chiraq poster

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