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Podcasting: A Great Way To Meet Geeks Of Color

I started podcasting almost two years ago.  I loved it right from the start.  I’m an obsessive talker, so it was a natural fit. You can actually find my podcast(s) at Anyway, it was a great way for my friends and I to get together each week and geek out over the latest news item or topic that we loved, like The Best Scifi Booty Calls 2.
In only a short time I started asking other people to join in as a special guest. They got to know us, and we got to know them more.  It’s a great networking medium.  Podcasting is just very social and embracing.


In being a podcaster myself, naturally I like listening to others.   Actually I was listening to them for years now (thanks Hulkmad27).   As I was getting into the swing of podcasting, I started searching for other podcasts with people of color.   If you take the time to look, there are so many shows out there with black people talking about every topic you can think of.   Because of this I found THE BLACK GEEKS on Blogtalk Radio.  After listening to them, I started calling into their show.  Now I’m pretty much a regular.  But I don’t want to tell you how I elbow my way into people’s podcasts.  I’m letting you know that you can acquaint yourself with many geeks of color; men and women that talk every week about the stuff that most any geek and nerd loves to hear about.


Let me paint you an even better picture of how listening, calling in, and even doing your own podcast can help black geeks or blerds come together.   I had found NERDGASM NOIRE NETWORK’S podcast months ago.  Five Geeks, Five Opinions, One Podcast.  They are a bunch of Crazy funny ladies that deliver a dish of Nerdalicious every week.   In listening to their archive shows, I could see the similarities between them and THE BLACK GEEKS.   Through my love for getting people together, and keeping the nerd party going, I had the idea of bringing these two podcasts together on my show.  If you want to hear what insane hilarity ensued CLICK HERE.  The point is, if it weren’t for at least listening to, or starting my own podcast, I would most likely not have found such great geeks that I could connect with, and give opportunity for others to network also.  It absolutely destroys the feeling that you’re an isolated black geek in the geek mainstream.


There is a cultural connection when I listen to THE BLACK GEEKSSIDEBAR NATIONBROWNSKIN AND GLASSES, or BLACK GIRL NERDS that I don’t find in the other podcasts I listen to.  It doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy my brother and sister podcasters from the other side of the melanin line, but there is a sense of home when you hear culture and nerdiness mixed together.  They feel like friends you never met before.  So if you haven’t listened to a podcast, go to itunes, Stitcher Radio, Podcast Ally or Podomatic and just do a search for black geeks, black nerds, blerds or nerds of color.   Ask friends what they listen to.  If you find one you like, let them know you’re listening and enjoying their show.  That means a lot to us podcast hosts.  Stay tuned for a post on how you too can start your own nerdy podcast, or any type you want.

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