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How Senses Can Mislead You to Picking that Right Geek!


I hear all the time about someone that says they always choose the wrong person.  They initially get attracted to somebody, but then find out that person didn’t have what they were looking for, i.e. a heart. There are many reasons that one can choose the right or wrong person to date.  But when it comes to the senses, there is one clear cut purpose – Find the best person to reproduce with.  Is that why Wolverine can’t find a decent girl?

A geek has to be extra careful about what their body is telling them when they are attracted to a guy or a girl.  Sure we want to be with someone that’s really attractive.  But the average geek or nerd needs a bit more intellectual and nerdy stimulation than the common troglodyte.  So geeks and nerd have to circumvent some of the signals that their eyes, ears, nose and skin are telling them about the hunk or hottie they’re trying to talk to.

I recently watched a documentary on Netflix called THE SCIENCE OF SEX APPEAL.  It was a little dated, but not more than the evolutionary traits that drive us to choose a mate.  Let me break down some of the eye opening information they dropped in the film.


Things that women biologically get attracted to are strong jaw lines, broad shoulders and a bravado when men walk.  This impulse is especially intense when a woman is ovulating. During this time, a woman’s body is set to mate with an Alpha male on a physical level.  But a geek probably would find it more fulfilling to have an Alpha male on a mental level.  Well, the body doesn’t speak geek, so fangirls may have to override their own visual signals so they make good choices for dates… and stuff. Ironically, the film also mentioned that outside of ovulation, women can be attracted to less ‘manly’ features, almost feminine in cases.

On the other side, Men find women that are ovulating more attractive because of subtle changes in their face and body.  The cheeks get more round and blush. The skin looks healthier, and I think the film said the breasts and hips get rounder.  Women might use this to their advantage, or they might like it when guys get attracted to them on their ‘off time’.  And depending on what the woman (and the guy she meets) is comfortable with concerning sex on the cycle, it might not be the best time to Seal the Deal.  Of course, biologically it is the perfect time.


Another topic from the film was how Testosterone and Estrogen change the body during puberty.  Other than physical traits, the hormones effect the vocal chords.  With more testosterone, men’s voices get deeper.  The more the estrogen in a woman, the higher the voice.  Our brains actually look for deeper voices in men and higher voices in woman.  The pitch signals to us that those people along the lower and higher ranges are more suited to mate with.  It’s pretty common knowledge that guys with deep voices make many women shake at the knees.  And everybody knows that woman come off more attractive with that innocent sounding feminine voice.  Now if you’re a girl or a guy, and you want to use this biological mating trait to your advantage, i.e. sex, a ring, a car, a playstation 4… lower your pitch for a guy, or raise your pitch for a girl you are talking to.  If you’re gay, try the reverse… I think.  Just remember that if you’re on the receiving end of an attractive voice, don’t let it sway you in making a wrong decision about a date or something. Use your well developed geek mind.


Let me preface this by saying that I’m not calling all you sisters gold-diggers or anything. Even Mario coin gold-diggers.  But on a biological scale, power and leadership in a man are very attractive traits to a woman.  In the film, scientists did a comparison of men where women rated their looks from 1 to 10. Then they took the pictures and showed them to other women, but with fictitious yearly salaries next to them.  What they found was that a man with a higher salary moved up the rating scale from their previous rating.  And men with lower salaries moved down, even though they rated high.

If you use an analogy of animals, and how they battle for female attention, the reason why women are attracted to confidence is because it appears that the guy won some contest of ability against another male.  In the human world, women might not even be interested in the competition itself, but just in the victor.  But I’m thinking in the geek world, women are just as attracted to the competition.  A video game, a Star Trek vs. Star Wars debate, or a LARPing campaign could be a turn-on just as much as the guys playing them. Especially if the ladies are a part of the competition.  To me, that’s the perfect situation.

Strictly on a biological scale, a woman looks for a man that has the power to provide.  But If a geek is using their head, they will look for power represented in the geek universe. That could be I.Q., knowledge of Doctor Who, or just being a leader of other geeks.  Or maybe the woman isn’t attracted to those alpha qualities at all, but just to the heart, mind and soul of a guy.  Be mindful and don’t let your biological reactions to a guy’s financial prowess mislead you to a bad move when it comes to finding somebody attractive.

And also for the guys, you should embrace whatever area that you are the winner in. And walk a walk exudes the confidence you receive from that winning environment.


Now if you geeks are just looking for a quick game of ROUND 1: SEX, then by all means, follow your instincts and the qualities you are attracted to.  Just don’t get yourselves hurt in the process.

There’s nothing wrong with being attracted to a person on a physical level.  Our bodies are part of who we are. We’re humans, or homo-superior for some of you.  You still have millions of years of DNA development that’s telling you (or screaming) that you should pick guy or girl A over guy or girl B.  Overcome some of that genetic chatter with some mental chatter of your own.  Take in the person you’re attracted to as a whole and look at them as a complete person.  I’m talking to you fellas and well as the ladies.  I’ve seen you nerd and geek guys get all flustered when you see a hot gamer or comic empress walk into the shop.  Take control of those 5 alarm fires that are your body’s signals telling you that it is time to have sex.  Strike up a casual conversation without being pushed to get some.  A little goes a long way.

And to the lady geeks, give yourselves time to listen to the words a brother has to say, and not if his deep Barry White vocals knock you out like Blackbolt just said something to you.  And there is nothing wrong with a strong jaw line, but it’s even better for you intellectual sisters to find that strong mind.  Don’t let your body make you pass up on an opportunity to get to know someone that can give your a more meaningful relationship down the road.

Side note: The only thing I didn’t appreciate about the film is that they only seemed to be using caucasians for testing.  There were a couple of brothers and sisters of color in the speed-dating segment, but for the most part attraction was being tested on white faces and bodies.  Actually I’m partially wrong.  They references an African tribe that uses speech to attract mates.  And a Latin group to reference female attraction to guys with nice cars.  You know, maybe we need our own Science of Sex Appeal documentary.  But biology doesn’t have much color built into it.  The science was still interesting.

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