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Funky Q’ Review – NEWLYWEEDS (2013)

I don’t know how many film reviews I’ll post on BGM, because I concentrate on Black Geeks Meeting, or dating, or networking, or having relationships.  But I watch a lot a movies… and TV.  And if there’s a film that I think Black Geeks would like, and would want to get together to watch, on like a movie date night or something, I’ll be posting it here.  They won’t necessarily be films featuring black actors, or even scifi, but most definitely they will be interesting to you geek brothers and sisters. I call this a Funky Q’ Review because I didn’t see it in theaters, so the film ended up in my queue.  By the way, it’s on Netflix streaming (as of this posting).

NEWLYWEEDS – This film that caught my attention early last year.  I remember after watching the trailer how quirky and cute the story looked with two black leads playing a young coupling dealing with their ups and downs while getting high.

Lyle and Nina are a young people living together, working, enjoying life and love, and getting high. They love smoking weed and spending time telling each other their dreams.  But things start to go a little crazy when their devotion to their Mistress, Mary Jane, gets them thrown into life’s troubles.

NEWLYWEEDS is light on drama, but also doesn’t dip into many gags that a weed film might be known for.  Amari Cheatom and Trae Harris give good performances as the nonchalant Lyle and Nina.  The acting convinces us that they love each other, but makes us wonder if it’s just the joints they share, or something deeper.  You’re not sure where the relationship will go, especially with Lyle seemingly addicted not to the marijuana, but escapism.  It’s a theme that culminates in the film.  The ending is a little artsy, but it was fitting.  Director Shaka King has a good sense of character, soft comedy and slice-of-life storytelling.

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