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The Second Annual #BlerdGeekHolidayPa...

Come one and all to the 2nd Annual online Blerd Geek Holiday Party of 2014!!! The movie feature this year is TRADING PLACES with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd! Date and Time: Sunday, Dec. 21st at 9pm EDT. Location: Twitter! Use Hashtag #BlerdGeekHolidayParty Festivities: Live Tweeting TRADING PLACES with your hosts – @geeksoulbrother, @blackgirlnerds, @indiamovies […]

What’s in a Girl’s Handsh...

What’s in a Girl’s Handshake?

I was introduced to a friend of my son the other day. Let’s call her Rhea.  She was very polite and reached out with a greeting open hand. When we shook hands I was surprised at how strong her grip was.  “Wow, that’s a strong handshake” I said with a smile.  She replied “My father […]



HEY PHILADELPHIA!! ARE YOU READY FOR SOME COMIC-CON FUN? EAST COAST BLACK AGE OF COMICS CONVENTION THE RECEPTION / GLYPH COMIC AWARDS will be held Friday, May 16th from 6:30 p.m. until 9 p.m at the African American Museum in Philadelphia, 701 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106.  THE COMIC CONVENTION / ECBACC will be held […]

Geekness and Black Culture! Where Do ...

Geekness and Black Culture! Where Do They Meet?

“Sun, Moon, Stars, Quasars, !@#$% sound like Elroy Jetson!” Come on, which brother you know uses the word Quasars and isn’t a geek? Doughboy, your cover is Blown!  And you watch Hanna Barbara. I think that sometimes a person’s inner geek clashes with the culture they grow up with.  And I think this is especially […]

Are There More Black Nerdy Guys or Gi...

Are There More Black Nerdy Guys or Girls?

2014 Black Comic Book Festival A couple weeks ago I asked twitter if they thought there were more Black Nerdy Guys or Girls out there?  I guess my mind was wandering over thoughts of how some nerdy sisters said it took them a while to embrace their nerd side, but also that some brothers may […]

Podcasting: A Great Way To Meet Geeks...

Podcasting: A Great Way To Meet Geeks Of Color

I started podcasting almost two years ago.  I loved it right from the start.  I’m an obsessive talker, so it was a natural fit. You can actually find my podcast(s) at Anyway, it was a great way for my friends and I to get together each week and geek out over the latest news item […]

Let’s Get Social!

Let’s Get Social!

I’m the first one to tell you that I wasn’t the social media flag bearer from the start. I was hesitant to jump into something that felt like it was opening up my personal life for the whole world to see. But then a friend created a myspace account for me and modern day phobias […]



A Tweeting Black Girl Nerd For a Nerdy Girl, what’s worse than being seen as a unicorn? A rare species, only thought of as a Myth by the world that surrounds them?  I tell you what is worse.  Being a species that even the unicorns think are a myth – Black Unicorns.  A black girl […]

How Senses Can Mislead You to Picking...

How Senses Can Mislead You to Picking that Right Geek!

 MAYBE THE PROBLEM IS YOUR SENSES WOLVERINE!. I hear all the time about someone that says they always choose the wrong person.  They initially get attracted to somebody, but then find out that person didn’t have what they were looking for, i.e. a heart. There are many reasons that one can choose the right or […]

How to Handle Criticism! From Family,...

How to Handle Criticism! From Family, Friends and Geeks.

STOP CRITICIZING ME HUDSON! If you look at a lot of science fiction films, where a group of people are in danger, you will always see that one character that has something to say about the how the leader is leading the group.  Or you have the guy that’s trying to build the next space […]