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Are There More Black Nerdy Guys or Girls?

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A couple weeks ago I asked twitter if they thought there were more Black Nerdy Guys or Girls out there?  I guess my mind was wandering over thoughts of how some nerdy sisters said it took them a while to embrace their nerd side, but also that some brothers may not accept that they are nerds either.  I mean, there are a lot of Black guys that read comics, watch Scifi and play all kinds of video games, but they wouldn’t label themselves a nerd or geek.  And there are plenty of sisters that have in fact embraced their nerd side.  I can attest to this by just looking at who I interact with on twitter.
Now one would commonly assume that there are in fact more Nerdy guys in general than nerdy girls.  Especially with the thoughts that girls might just be ‘fake geek girls’.  You don’t hear much of that where fellas are concerned.  But if you just look at gaming alone, the numbers are almost 50/50 across gender.  And I’m sure there are more Black girls than Black guys that are looking at nerdtastic shows like Sleepy Hollow, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead to name a few.
Another thought was that the world is still dealing with the oximoronic state of a Black Nerd’s existence.  The world still has trouble with the stereotype of who a black person is and what a nerd is.  Erkle didn’t help that much because he was so over the top.  Now take the stereotypical image of a Black Woman and you deviate even further from what a nerd is defined as.
Fellow twitter users gave me some great responses. Here are a few:

First, my man Ken C. gave his direct opinion in which there was no question that there are more Black Nerd Guys than Girls –

That would probably be a very popular response from most brothers and sisters, but then Mr. McDuck offers a possible reason for such conclusion –
I have to say that Perry’s reasoning holds some weight. I’ve heard several sisters of Afro persuasion say that when they were younger they tried to fit in and pushed their Nerd side into the background.  Outspoken Diva asked if we were talking Black Girls that openly acknowledged their nerdiness, or just ones that hide it?  I clarified for the sake of the discusion that we should consider both as one group.  This was her response –
But then Tranette offered another perspective that goes back to what I was saying about the world and its propensity to stereotype back people – 

Black girls, and all girls for that matter, can be girly and nerdy.  But because of that the lines are blurred and one would wonder if they are nerds for real.  Male culture probably holds themselves up to a more rigid definition.  But that rigidity is mostly false because of the diversity of guys and their likes and loves of nerdom.  As a matter of fact, you have guys that are nerds, but love and play sports.  You also have plenty of girls that love sports as much as they love cosplay.
If I look at my twitter followers @GeekSoulBrother,  I would say from those numbers alone that there are actually 2 to 3 times more Black Girls that consider themselves Nerds than guys.  
Another aspect that intrudes on that perception is how the mainstream nerd culture interacts and includes female nerds into the ranks.  That was reflected by HellResidentNY in his tweets – 

Personal Conclusion: I think there are at least as many Black girls that are nerds as guys.  And I think that the sisters are becoming more comfortable with their nerdiness as nerd culture continues to be more mainstream.  But there is still a ways to go for the world to see them (and Black guy nerds for that matter) for who they are.  And also for Black girls to see themselves as nerds and not have to answer to the ignorant dictates of nerdom.  If you want to see the rest of the tweets you can see them HERE.

But what do you think? More guys or more girls?  Comment below.

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