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About Black Geeks Meet

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by the Black Geeks Meet site.  This is where you can find posts about the Black Geek or Blerd (black nerd) culture.  We review films, give interviews and write commentaries about our shared experiences as brothers and sisters that live their life with that geek spin.  But that’s not where it stops. Eventually the site will grow in ways to brings black geeks together even better.  Believe it or not, Black geeks actually find it hard to discover communities for themselves.  Even though some of these communities have thousands of followers, the word doesn’t spread out as far as it could.  So Black Geeks Meet is here to help.  Hopefully the site will bring blerds closer together through forums or social networks, or even events.  Some of you geeks of color may even find that special someone, or that creative partner you’ve been looking for.  That’s the ultimate goal for Black Geeks Meet – Bring the geek family together and be a stronger community for the better.